A Must-have Guide for Gym Lovers: A Home Gym Essentials Checklist

You enjoy the gym but are tired of waiting to use the equipment at health clubs? We’ve prepared a home gym essentials checklist for you to shape yourself at home.


Building a gym of your own

If you are planning to work out at home, the right guide is right below. We’re going to show you a home gym essentials checklist that is available for purchase in your neighborhood.

You can avoid paying high membership fees and waiting at the local gym. Instead, you can work out at will without getting annoyed by people around.
It has never been cheaper and easier to build a home gym. Why are you still waiting? Come on reading now.

Home gym essentials

Barbells are one basic item of home gym equipment. They are extremely helpful in building muscles with weights. For those desiring a strong build, bench press, squat, shoulder press, and deadlift are necessary exercises.

Barbells come in a variety of weights at a low price. On average, it is highly advisable that you go for a 45 lb Olympic barbell. Such bars are sturdy enough to stand up to heavyweights and easily fit into traditional plates as well as other equipment including power racks or weight benches.

Weight plates

A good barbell should go with a good plate. If you already own barbell, don’t forget to invest in plates. There are two types of plates including standard steel and bumper ones. The latter are often covered with gum and easier to handle though being a little more expensive. That means, they don’t do damages to other equipment and the floor.

When it comes to the amount of weight, it depends on how strong you are. In general, you just need one pair of 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, and 45 lbs plates. However, if possible, prepare more pairs with larger sizes. Single plates are also available, but sets are often cheaper and more convenient.

Power racks

Ranking in the home gym essentials checklist, a power rack is a must have item for those wanting to lift weights. Because of its versatility, at-home trainees often use it in compound exercises such as bench press and squat without the need of a spotter. You don’t have to worry about the bar falling, thereby wholeheartedly devoting to training alone.

In addition, power racks mostly come with extra sections such as pull up bars or dip station so that you can make bodyweight move.
There are racks with a cable system, facilitating doing cable exercises, but they are available at a higher price. Before deciding on which power rack to buy, it is necessary to take into account its measurements, the space for installation at your house, and your budget. Since it is rather large and cumbersome equipment, it may not be fit into a basement with a low ceiling. Watch out for that!

Medicine balls

Thanks to their versatility and low price, they make an ideal training aid for both outdoors and indoors. You can use medicine balls to increase explosive power, train your balance and endurance or recover from illnesses. The size of a medicine ball is equal to that of a basketball, which is compact and tidy. It weighs between 2 pounds and 25 pounds so even women can practice with these balls.

They are made from diverse materials, for example, leather, dense rubber, nylon, or gel and filled with sand or air. With a textured surface, they can enhance grip. Some models even come with attached ropes or handles for easy handling. If you want to train your speed, go for light medicine balls while the heavier ones suit power and strength training better.


Dumbbells are designed to help you with a particular muscle group. They are especially suitable for beginners since there are numerous exercises you can try with such equipment at home. If you intend to increase your strength and cardiovascular health, dumbbells can be a good choice.
Like other equipment, dumbbells come in plenty of types.

There are single pieces of rubber or steel ones and complete sets with a rack. Depending on your specific need, one single piece or a set would be suitable. Otherwise, you can choose adjustable dumbbells as they require little space and enable you to change the amount of weight to your liking easily. Compared to single models, they are costlier but turn out to be more economical in the long run.


Since this equipment is a combination of cardio and strength training, kettlebell workouts prove helpful in enhancing your flexibility, developing your strength, and offering serious cardio. Kettlebells are designed to cater to diverse needs, depending on your level and target. A heavy one will support you in strength building while a lighter piece suits cardio purposes better. Or else, there are sets with multiple items of different weights to buy.

Punching bags

Cardio machines such as a treadmill are sometimes rather expensive for some people. In that case, a heavy bag can make a good replacement. Punching bags aim at boosting your endurance and cardio while giving you fun. As beginners, you’d better go for free-standing or hanging heavy bags since these models require less space and no installation.

Chin-up bars

A chin-up bar is a necessity in case you want to promote a strong back, especially for those people suffering from neck and back pain due to their weak and fragile back muscles. Through repetition, chin-up exercises can effectively promote lats, biceps, abs, and shoulders. Chin-up bars are divided into different weight-standing capacities so make sure you go for the right one. Depending on the space available, you can choose from doorway, door frame, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, and free-standing types.

Last words
Though home gym equipment is not cheap, it’s worth your investment. It’s time to work out in your own corner and stay in shape. Just consider buying something really necessary in our given home gym essentials checklist so that you can enjoy most of its benefits without wasting money.

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