How Running Can Benefit You

All of us understand how beneficial running can be to us. Not only does it improve how we look, but it also improves how we feel. Running clears our minds and strengthens our hearts. At the same time, it is one of the best ways to control weight. But those aren’t the only benefits that running has to offer. Matter of fact, there is not a part of our body that running does not benefit. From the tip of your toes to the top of your head, running offers a complete body workout and will improve different aspects of your health. Here is a look at how running can benefit different parts of your body:

1. Joints

Sensible running will help ensure that joints stay healthy. Muscles around joints are strengthened, taking the pressure of the joints. In turn, this reduces the chances of developing – and also helps treat – osteoarthritis. Get some right running insoles beforehand, you can get insoles for insoles for pronation and other issues.

2. Muscles

Continued running will strengthen muscles, lowering blood pressure, reducing joint problems, and promoting all-rounded fitness. Changes in body shape will also help boost confidence.

3. Pancreas

The pancreas is responsible for making insulin, which, in turn, normalizes blood sugar levels. Regular exercising and maintaining a healthy weight will lower your chances of developing Type-2 diabetes by up to 50%.

4. Blood Vessels

Normal blood pressure levels are essential for healthy circulation. New blood vessels will grow as muscles become stronger, reducing pressure within the system. This leads to a drop in ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and prevents atherosclerosis (the narrowing of blood vessels.)

5. Skin

Conditions like eczema and psoriasis often break out when stress levels are high. Running’s calming influence can help improve your skin, boosting self-confidence, which is often very low in people who’ve suffered skin conditions for a long time.

6. Bowels

Running regularly can halve the risk of contracting bowel cancer! IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms are also relieved since running helps ease bloating and constipation. Stress levels are closely linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, so running can be of help.

7. Ovaries

Ladies with polycystic ovaries tend to be overweight, and the condition generally makes it very hard to lose weight. Running regularly can be a real psychological and physical boost. Furthermore, it can ease PMT symptoms in some women.

8. Bones

Regular running will help improve and maintain bone density or strength, reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis.

9. Brain

When you run, feel-good brain hormones and chemicals are released, helping ease anxiety and stress and treating depression. Furthermore, the risk of contracting stroke and dementia falls as healthy brain circulation is maintained. Memory, motivation, and concentration sharpen and you get to enjoy improved sleep.

10. Eyes

Regular running will also help prevent eye diseases like glaucoma (this is where the eye’s internal pressure increases, and may result in blindness). By running, you can reduce the risk of developing the condition by up to 25%.

11. Liver

Running to maintain a healthy weight will significantly reduce your risk of developing a ‘fatty liver’, which is an increasingly common issue where fat starts building up around liver cells. While it is often harmless, it is also linked to stroke and heart disease, and may sometimes become inflamed, something that may lead to cirrhosis.

12. Heart

Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of contracting heart disease by up to 35%. Reductions in blood pressure, harmful cholesterol levels, and weight will lead to a stronger, healthier heart.

13. Breasts

There’s up to a twenty percent reduction in the risk of contracting breast cancer in people who run regularly. If you’ve had breast cancer before, regular running could reduce the chances of it recurring by up to 40%.

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