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Omega3 And Protein

Omega3. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to use two acronyms like that right next to each other. Of course IRL stands for ‘In Real Life’ and what I’m talking about here is how you’re going to get all these concepts to work in the real world. How can you take that concept and make it work as a part of your routine?

It’s all very well and good telling you to eat all these calories and to eat loads of protein… and omega3 but where can you find those things? How can you afford it? And how to you force it all down without wanting to throw up?

In other words, you need to find ways to make this actually practical so that it will work with your routine. And to do that, you need to get strategic.
This is incredibly important and it’s the thing that people all-too-often forget. If you’re trying to bulk up, then you need to find a way to stick to your training and your diet.

That means it needs to be realistic. It’s better to have very modest aims and actually stick to them, than it is to be incredibly ambitious and end up not doing any of the things you set out to do!
So let’s consider some tips that will help you out…

What to Eat

The majority of your results will come from your diet. Omega3 andSupplements are just that – supplements. They should be supplemental to a good diet and never viewed as a substitute for one. Shop now Marketplace USA

So then the question is, what kinds of foods can you eat that will satisfy all the criteria we’ve been looking at in the chapters so far? What will help you keep your protein and calories high, while also being nutritionally dense and slow-release? What leaner sources of protein are there for when you’re trying to lean bulk?

Here are some foods that will help you a great deal…omega3

Tuna – Tuna is one of the THE most convenient options when it comes to finding lean sources of protein. Canned tuna is very affordable while containing 20 grams or more of tuna in many cases. It’s lean, it’s versatile and it’s tasty too. PLUS it’s also good for the brain thanks to that omega 3 fatty acid content. The only downside? Consuming too much can risk a potential mercury overdose… not good!

Salmon – Salmon is not quite as low in calories as tuna (a good thing for bulking!) but it’s just as high in protein and omega 3 fatty acid. The better news? It doesn’t have the mercury problem. The downside? It’s much more expensive…

Avocado – These are all the rage among the low-carb crowd at the moment, which is owing to their delicious taste, their healthy fats and their large range of other health benefits. They’re quite calorific but healthy at the same time, so they make a great way to add more calories and fat to pretty much any meal!

Oil – Adding sunflower or vegetable oil to your food isn’t actually bad for you! But it does contain a LOT of calories, which is another really good way to sneak them in when you’re starting to feel full and struggle to keep eating more…

Eggs – Eggs are high in protein as well as the healthy saturated fats AND choline (great for the brain). The best part about eggs though is that they are a ‘complete protein’. This means that they contain all of the essential amino acids that the human body needs to function. There are very few complete protein sources in the world, so this makes egg pretty special.

Sweet Potatoes – A good source of carbs that’s also nutritious and high in slow-release complex carbs.

Chicken – Chicken is another very lean protein source and this time it doesn’t come with any significant downsides. You can eat chickens until the cows come home.

Beef – And cows until the chickens come home? Beef is also an excellent source of protein, which is partly due to some very interesting additional nutrients it contains. Specifically, beef is actually one of the only natural sources of CoEnzyme Q10 and of creatine – both of which give you more energy and drive during your workouts!

Rice – If you’re looking for a carb that is fairly easy to eat in bulk, then rice is a good bet!

Nuts – Nuts are also great. Not only do these provide fiber but they’re also a very good source of protein, calories and good fats. They also provide various micronutrients like zinc, selenium and magnesium.

Milk – Milk is one of the very best things you can keep around the house if you’re bulking and especially full fat milk. Remember: milk is where whey protein comes from and when you drink milk, you’re still getting a lot of that whey in there. In fact, a glass of milk contains 3.4grams of protein, while full fat milk is widely considered one of the very best things you can drink if you want to give yourself more healthy fats.

Butter – A good butter is another very useful tool for packing on more calories. Wish your food was a little more calorific? Then just butter it up! You can even try the ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ that everyone is talking about by dropping a stick of butter in your morning brew!

Oats – Oats are great at adding more stodge and at giving you more slow-release energy. Add these to a shake and they’ll increase the calories while also helping you to have more energy for work, play and workouts!

Omega3 Fatty And Protein

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